The man with an amaranthine zeal!!


“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”.

He knew what he was seeking for .He knew the road taken by him was very rough, but that didn’t stop him from walking on.

With this note, I would like to pen down today about PRADEEP SANGWAN, the young lad who otherwise came down to hills to run a cafe”Cafe Zeppelin”. His cafe got its name on the famous television soap”Highway on my Plate”. He ran it successfully for three years but in his heart he knew his motive in life was not only to serve the best in food to the humanity.

An avid trekker too,Pradeep started working as a trek guide to the tourists in his friend’s travel venture. What irked him was the never-ending piled up garbage everywhere and though rise in tourism was considered a boom to the locals, it started becoming a taboo for the environment. Who would had thought, with the development of things in places like Himachal will come a day when plastic/garbage will cause so much chaos to the environment.

With great ardour and love for mountains, he started cleaning the trekking trails without any complaint. He also made sure other people around him do the same. This gave birth to HEALING HIMALAYAS FOUDNATION with a mission to heal the already damaged Himalayas and not harming it further.

With Pradeep is Mr Vikas Kumar(Founder Backwoods Mountain Camps,Hampta and Igloo Stay, Manali) who along with other volunteers go for cleanliness drives in trekking trails of Kullu & Manali. They also aim at bringing awareness among the people to restore the environment through their drives.

Various events in schools and colleges are also being conducted by the team wherein,upcycling of waste materials is taught to the children bringing the artist in them too out. Pradeep has taken up this initiative by spending money from his pocket and no funds from the government yet for the foundation.

Since the opening of H.H.F in April 2016, more than forty cleanliness drives have been conducted successfully at Hampta,Chandertaal lake,Kheerganga and the toughest being Srikhand Mahadev along with three adopted villages(Mansari,Karjan,Soyal).

You can also volunteer to be a part of this foundation and help our young acrophile to make mountains a better place to live in. Please like,share and promote their Facebook page or your support through donation on the website”” will also mean a lot. If you are volunteering to work with the foundation please get in touch with the team at the numbers given on the website.

After being a part of one of the cleanliness drives by H.H.F, if I have to describe this humble acrophile “Pradeep” I shall do it by humming this famous song sung by Kishore Kumar in the movie Parichay(1972)”

” Musafir hoon yaaron, na ghar hai na thikaana ,

  Mujhe chalte jaana hai,bas chalte jaana hai.

 Ek raah ruk gayi to aur jud gayi,

Main muda to saath saath raah mud gayi.

Hawa ke paron mein mera aashiyana,

Mujhe chalte jana hai,bas chalte jana hai”.


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